San Matias Tahona

The culmination of what we are, a 130 year legacy in the tequila making business, is represented in our newest release. With every sip of San Matías Tahona, we hope you’ll taste the tradition of our more-than-a-century-long commitment in producing Mexico’s finest tequilas to share with friends, family and clients.
For tequila lovers seeking something new yet steeped in tradition, Casa San Matías is honored to unveil the silver expression of San Matías Tahona. It’s our first tequila produced entirely from the centuries-old tahona process—a method few tequila makers utilize due to its labor-intensive, costly nature.
The making of San Matías Tahona begins with our highly skilled jimadors hand harvesting only the ripest agave from our fields in the highlands of Jalisco. Then, the piñas (heart of the agave) are slowly cooked in brick ovens. Our distillery slowly crushes the cooked agave with the very same original tahona Basalt stone we used more than 100 years ago to extract the rich agave juices. By using the ancient tahona method, the agave juices extracted retain their sweet, aromatic flavors. The juice is then fermented in pine wood vats, distilled twice in copper pot stills, bottled and hand-labeled with care.
As one of Mexico’s most cherished craft tequila brands, we are constantly striving to improve our tequilas, thus enhancing your enjoyment. While we utilize innovation and modern technology to extract the rich flavors of Blue Weber agave, in humble reflection of our long tequila-making history, our hearts and minds turned towards the time-honored process our ancestors used for centuries.
To celebrate our 130th anniversary, we’re proud to introduce to you, our friends and family, San Matías Tahona. This handmade, artisanal silver tequila—made from only the finest 100 percent Weber Blue agave utilizing the tahona method —is complex and distinct, characterized by its earthy, vegetal flavors and aromas

About San Matías Tahona


It’s Colorless, bright, clean and transparent with silver reflections. The legs are full bodied with consistent unctuosity.


Pure citrus, white flowers, intense cooked agave and legumes. In the aftertaste, there is a presence of citrus blossoms and a hint of pink pepper.


Incredibly sweet, with flavorful mineral notes. It is smooth with no bitterness.


An extraordinary tequila designed to be sipped for its aromatic richness. Perfect for pairing with fresh cheese and fresh seafood.

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